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[pic] www.woodstockproject.com Here is the tracklist and source list for my Woodstock set. Bear in mind that I have edited together stage announcements and performances from various sources to give the most complete "build" of this material currently possible. Multiple sources have varying sound qualities, varying levels of hiss ect. I have chosen not to de-hiss much of the material as my personal preference is "purist" and because of the extremely variant opinions about hiss reduction techniques. I have, however, speed corrected everything!!

Everything I could find recorded from the Woodstock stage is here.


To put it mildly, the assemblage of materials required to compile the definitive record of the music performed at Woodstock is mind-boggling. Over the course of 4 years of research and many attempts at compilation, I have found myself becoming far more intimately acquainted with the events and the participants (performers and audience alike) than I ever felt I would be. My fondest hope is that this project TAKES YOU THERE to that muddy field near White Lake over that hot August weekend in 1969. I think it succeeds.

Obviously a project of this magnitude involves the assistance of A LOT of people. There are people out there I may have traded a piece of tape with 10 years ago whose names I have forgotten over time. if you are among them, thank you. Couldn'ta done it without cha. Honest.

Thanks most especially to:

Kees: Who compiled the first authoritative list of Woodstock performers and setlists, and continues to be an inspiration as perhaps the world's foremost Woodstock expert. He continues to unearth new materials, and was a major contributor to this effort.

Darrin: Who maintains what is still one of the best Woodstock 1969 pages on the web at http://home.columbus.rr.com/woodstock1969. The first place I saw the Kees list, and a great resource.

Malcom: My old buddy, who traded me for a copy

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