Lettre à une personne

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Dear father

I’m writing to tell you I’m fine. I’ve arrived to the harbour of New York.
I arrived on May 9th, 1913 on the boat France to Ellis Island. I left Le Havre on april 25th. So I’ve passed 2 weeks on the sea: it was very long. I’m very tired of this journey with lots of problems for example a big storm but we have arrived at destination
I love my new life in New York and I have a new friend who is an english and he’s left England because there are conflicts who threaten a close war.
New York is the best town what I have ever been and there are many nationalities (example: french, Italian, English, Spanish....)
I’ve left France because I hope that I will lead a new life with a good job and New York is a good town for my future projects. I hope to found a family and to become a powerful and respectable man of New York.
There are many big people in New York because they eat fast food very often. I’ve seen tall buildings whose are called “skyscrapers”. I hope to work in these skyscrapers for the beautiful landscape and for a good job.
Now I’m looking for a little flat for a start and tomorrow I’ll start to look for work for the beginning of my destiny.
And you how are you?
How is the family in my favourite town Erce?
I hope to give you a dollar because it’s not the same money than in french.
I hope that everybody is fine .you will say hello to my friends.
So I hope to write to you more often and see you soon my loving father: I love you

Bye bye PS: You write to me to tell me of my family more often please Thank you

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Letter to Emma Goldman at Ellis Island

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