Lettre a menece

Pages: 4 (959 mots) Publié le: 12 février 2011
CESARD Laëtitia.
HAURY Betty.
RICADA Amandine.


The Story in few Words…

Yvonne the advisor of Phil Knight brings the newspapers.
Phil Knight has seenit. Headline: Sarah Jacobson critics Phil Knight and his companies: the Nike brand.
Yvonne stands beside him. They both looked angry and upset.
Yvonne and Phil Knight decide to go to see the leaderof the WRC, Sarah Jacobson without appointment.
The main scene takes place in a classroom of the University of Oregon where Sarah is preparing a homework and we can see, a cleaning woman, Lee Yangwho is sweeping the floor..

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The script:

Yvonne arrives in the office of Phil Knight, she reads the newspaper and brings it to the founder of Nike

(Someone fake in the door)

Phil Knight: Yes, come in!Yvonne Iwahiuic: Hi Phil!

Phil Knight: Hello Yvonne, how are you today?

Yvonne Iwahiuic: (embarrassed) Well… I’m a little bit angry… Look at this please.

Phil Knight: (Surprised) OH MY GOD!What is this? Who is the president of the WRC? We should meet him right now!

Yvonne Iwahiuic: The president is Sarah Jacobson; she is a student of the University of Oregon…

Phil Knight: Whatdo you mean? In Oregon, in MY University? Are you joking?

Yvonne Iwahiuic: No, I’m not, unfortunately... So let’s go now!

Yvonne and Phil meet the president of the WRC, Sarah Jacobsonin the University, in a classroom.

Phil Knight and Yvonne Iwahiuic: Good morning Miss Jacobson!

Yvonne Iwahiuic: He’s Phil Knight and I am Yvonne Iwahiuic, his advisor.
We were surprised bywhat you said to the journalists against the Nike firms.

Sarah Jacobson: What? What are you talking about?

Phil Knight: (increasingly angry) Don’t pretend , look at this, how do you justify...
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