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I am writing you regarding the advertisement for an internship in your Bank, which I found through the career office of my university. I am currently in my third semester at the multicultural UCL inLondon. I am doing a BA in International Business with a major in Finance; therefore I would like to pursue an Internship in your Bank for the summer 2010.

By participating in your internshipprogram at HSBC, I would be able to have meaningful insight into how finance is applied in real world situations. HSBC has 8,500 offices in 86 countries; being a part of such an international bank wouldallow me to understand and develop my financial knowledge, which would be highly beneficial to my overall education.
I’m , as I have lived in 3 different countries such as France, Burkina Faso andEngland. I think HSBC, which is known, as the “international local bank’s” is for me the best environment to evolve according to my international background. Hence the fact that, I travelled a lot,allows me to feel comfortable and adapt myself to any type of situations.
Having started my degree in International business, with plans to major in finance. I want to learn how to deliver and analyzefinancial information in a timely manner. Beside I will work with experience professional of this field with whom I will be able to discuss and learn. This extracurricular activity will help me tobroaden my horizons through sharing knowledge with others and therefore expanding my own.
My lack of experience would be an asset to you in this recession period. Indeed as the whole banking system isbeing restructured, I would be more able to adapt myself to the new working conditions than other more experienced employees.

Undergoing an internship at a well-established company such as HSBCwould enable myself to develop further in an academic but also in a personal aspect.
I am available for an interview at any time and if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to...
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