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At the moment, the law protects children from abuse but not from moderate smacking. Should the law be changed or not, like in other European countries?

Those who are in favor of a law against smacking, argue that smacking could harm children physically and mentally. They also think that if we hit little children they will reproduce the same behaviour when they are older. They state too, that in some cases smacking will escalate and turn into abuse. Finally, they suggest that to ban smacking would create a reaction on parents who use smacking often. Those, like me, who are against smacking being banned, maintain that sarcasm is even worse for a child then a little smack.
If we don’t impose rules on children, they will never be able to live in the society. We also state that if every parent who smacks his or her child was to be judge and sent to prison, our jails would be full and our judges wouldn’t have time to study serious cases. Those in favor of a law against smacking argue that it could hurt a child mentally but that is not true. It would just teach them that they are not allowed to do what they did to get a slap.

In conclusion, if we banned moderate smacking, it would be a mistake. Smacking is important to make children who are naughty understand what is wrong and what is right. That is essential for the children’s lives, if they want to live in prefect harmony.

Thursday 9 March

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