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Training Period Report

( September 2008 – June 2010 )

I. Personalintroduction

My name is patrice MARTINEZ, I am 19 and I live in Nîmes.I studied industrial maintenance at Dhuoda High School in Nîmes.

II. Description of my training periodA.Description of the company

Last June, I did my training period at Carémeau Hospital in Nîmes in the air-conditioning department. There, I worked from 8 to 12 and from 1.30 to 4.30.It’s a big hospital where there are 4000 employees and 1900 beds.

B. Description of my mission

My first training period consisted in working in the air conditioning department. Thisis what allowed me to understand the functioning of many things better .

C. Good points and bad points of this mission

This activity was very interesting for maintenance activitybecause it involved many different fields : plumbing , electricity and welding. So, to my mind, the air-conditioning department offers a very enriching experience, moreover, it is absolutelyessential in a hospital. This experience was great because it allowed me to make a connection between school and work.
Moreover, I really enjoyed working with the other technicianswho where nice and helpful to me
I haven’t got bad points because I liked my mission in Caremeau Hospital.

III. Description of my project

During last December I worked on a devicewhich produces ice-cold water. I had to established a plan of maintenance which wasn’t formalized and write out follow-up forms because the hospital didn’t have any it. To do it, I hadto study the actions of maintenance made on device for the past years.

IV. My future expectations

. Next year, I think I continue my studies but I don’t know what for the moment.
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