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The Health Center

Introduction and definition

Before thinking about our subject, it is important to redefine what really is a health center. Even if it is linking to the hospital and to the medicine, a health center is not there for all that a place where we practise the hospitalization. Indeed, by making our researches, we were able to notice that what wename « Health Center » is, in fact, a place where we propose different types of cares. We can find cures there of all kinds (anti-aging therapies, complementary cancer treatments, psychology…).
The health center is intended for several types of clientele: those who go out of a heavy operation in hospital, those who wish to make a cure or to take advantage of care to feel better, those whosimply want to refocus their lifestyle by following the advice of specialists. A health center allows those who stay in it, stays always relatively short, to have a healthier rhythm of life and to feel better. He thus allows to refocus physically and socially the patient, to help him/her to live better without as far as he is affected by a disease or by an infirmity.
The purpose of a healthcenter is to maximize the care quickly to give to the patient the possibility of recovering quickly from their difficulties and of allowing them to win time and money. It is generally placed close and as a supplement to the hospitable care to be able to combine hospitalization to the hospital and care inside the center.
Our team is going to have to, for the opening of this health center,determine five missions which will allow to advance as quickly as possible in the progress of the operations and in the construction of this center. The objectives will ensue from it directly and our complete team, which will work in an ideal frame on the development of such an organization, can be of the most productive. It is a question for us of building this project so seriously and fast aspossible to serve at best 200000 inhabitants of our city.

I-Missions established

To manage at best the headway of our project, we above all have to elaborate five missions which will allow us to see a little farther in our steps and to install them in the time. It is indeed important to centre the stages of the construction of such a center.
Our five missions will aim at containingall the factors which can generate profits for the health center.
- First of all, it will be a question of thinking of the center by centring and developing our skills on several know-how: the problems of addiction (alcohol and drug, in particular), the complementary care in the hospitalization (massages, spa, fitness), the nutrition, the psychological well-being, the anti-ageing therapy andall this by bringing, naturally, a regular follow-up to all our patients so that once went out of the center, they are not lost and not gained by the abandonment.
- Our health center will have to bring to premises (every 200 000 inhabitants will have access in the center of health), the possibility of taking advantage of a stay of fitness after a stay crossed in hospital.
- It willbe a question, furthermore, of taking advantage of this health center to return the more attractive city. The fame of the center should bring to the city more budget and more population.
- Thanks to the increasing fame of our center, we shall have for the other mission of throw of new services (diverse treatment, psychological follow-ups against the tiredness, the physiotherapy) and toenlarge our premises to settle new equipments which will allow some more of progress and will satisfy more our clientele.
- Our last mission, for the moment, will consist in allowing the local population to feel better by proposing to it a new type of medicine. We indeed want to develop the mentalities as for the alternative medicine, insufficiently recognized.
Our missions, to begin, thus...
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