Manière d'entrer et de sortir

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Les formules au prétérit correspondent à une forme de récit tandis que celles au présent simple correspondent à des indications scéniques type dialogue, théâtre ou script.
She was walkingdown the street when I last saw her.
He approached her
He crossed over to her
He let him in
She followed him down the hall, up the stairs and into his office where she sat down right in frontof his desk.
she heads out but pauses before leaving
she starts out then stops
She turns to him
She turns away from him and heads for the stairway.
after a beat he follows her
Ed trails=Hetails her
… her two kids in tow

Sans bruit, discrètement, précautionneusement
She tiptoed out of the bedroom not to wake him up.
She sneaked into the room
She snooped around the house
Shesqueeze back behind the counter and into the back room
she minced her way down the path.
He stepped aside to let her go.

Avec dynamisme, agressivité, vitesse, bruit
He jumps up to help her withthe door
she runs into her house in a total panic
she is rushing through each room calling out their names
The kids trooped out of the sitter’s house
Ed’s blustery entrance only added to the senseof chaos.
He stomped back to his office
she barrels toward the elevator. Ed trails
She swooped in
she is out the door before he could get a chance to finish his sentence
to stridealong/in/away etc = avancer/entrer/s'éloigner etc à grands pas or à grandes enjambées
he was striding up and down the room= il arpentait la pièce
in or with a few strides he had caught up with the others = ilavait rattrapé les autres en quelques enjambées or foulées
The security guards chased her=les agents de sécurité l’ont poursuivie
to storm (one's way) in/out etc :entrer/sortir etc comme unouragan
to breeze in/out etc jauntily = entrer/sortir etc d'un air dégagé
to breeze in/out etc briskly entrer/sortir etc = en coup de vent
to barrel in/out:away (US) = foncer, aller à toutes...
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