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User Manual for SmartWi
This user manual will introduce you to the SmartWi Step-by Step and provide quick reference for its operation. Please read it completely and keepit for future reference. We welcome your comments and suggestion regarding the SmartWi on the website
The SmartWi Master unit need from the power adaptoror from a USB port on the Pc. 5v dc

3. Marriage your client card to the SmartWi master
box. Inset 1 client card in the SmartWi master box and wait 5 – 10 sec. Repeatstep 3 for the other client card.

4. Now inset your smartcard for your Satellite, Cable or
Terrestrial receiver, into the SmartWi master unit with CHIP as shown on top ofmaster box

1. Connect the power adaptor to the SmartWi master,
the turn on the power.

2. The green LED will light. 5. Inset one of the SmartWi Client Card in theSatellite,
Cable or Terrestrial DVB receiver. Note. Some receivers need the ATR-String transferred to the client card for fast answering the receiver. How to transfer ATR toClient card. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Connect the power adaptor to the SmartWi master. Place the original smartcard in to the SmartWi Master as shown on top of the Master box & wait 5sec. Remove the smartcard from the SmartWi master. Now inset Client card in the Master box and wait until green LED start flickering. The ATR are now transferred to the clientcard. Now place the original card in the master box and the client card in the receiver witch need a fast reply from the card.

The Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial DVBreceiver will see the SmartWi wireless Card as the original smartcard. You can address up to 7 client card and watch minimum 4 different channels at the same time.

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