Marché sud africain bio

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South African Organic Market Study

May 2006

EPOPA (Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa) is a development programme initiated by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, SIDA, in 1997. EPOPA offers African smallholder farmers opportunities for improved livelihoods through the development of organic products for export. The programme has been evaluated twice and has been proven to be a valid instrument for African exporters desiring to improve their businesses and for thousands of farmers wanting to improve their livelihoods. For more information about EPOPA visit:

Disclaimer: EPOPA publication Although the content of a publication from EPOPA has been compiled with the greatest care, EPOPA is not able to guarantee that the information provided is accurate and/or exhaustive, and cannot be held liable for claims pertaining to use of the information. In the case of the market publications, neither EPOPA nor the authors of the publications accept responsibility for the use which might be made of the information. Furthermore, the information shall not be construed as legal advice. Original documents should, therefore, always be consulted where appropriate. The information does not release the reader from the responsibility of complying with any relevant legislation, regulations, jurisdiction or changes/updates of same. The information provided is aimed at assisting the EPOPA target group, i.e. exporters and business support organisations (BSOs) in developing countries. It may, therefore, not be used for re-sale, the provision of consultancy services, redistribution or the building of databases, on a commercial basis.

This publication is commissioned by EPOPA. © EPOPA 2006. This information can be freely used provided the original document is accurately quoted. For questions about this document contact: EPOPA PO Box 63 6720 AB Bennekom, the Netherlands Email:

Author: Stephen Barrow


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