Marketing international

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International Marketing – Fall 2010
1st Assignment

A Short explanation about International Marketing :

International marketing is essential that any company that wants to create, maintain or expand its customer base outside its domestic market.
Whether domestic or international marketing remains identical to its foundations and objectives. The fundamental difference lies in the complexity of the environment to manage. For the same product, the contexts of market may differ radically from one country to another, requiring companies to implement strategies separate marketing.
It's a type of marketing which have for objective to develop the marketing strategy of the company for a geographical area including several countries.
Internationalisation can take different forms, like export to a multinational, or to be based on methods which include : licensing agreements, partnerships, financial contributions ... However, it sometimes there is severals difficulties linguistic, technical, logistical, legal, religious linguistic, belong to at each countries.
The mission for international marketing manager is to guide and to coordinate commercial development Business abroad

2.A short overview of Tipperary Mineral Water Company

Tipperary Mineral Water Company is a part of the Gleeson Group and has founed by Patrick and Nicholas Cooney in 1986. It has since flourished into a major national brand in the Euro Irish Bottled water market. The Tipperary source is located at Borrisoleigh in County Tipperary, where the Devil's Bit mountains form a large natural filter of unspoilt countryside. Tipperary Natural Mineral Water is sourced at a depth of 300ft. Tipperary Natural Mineral Water was the first Irish bottled water to qualify for the European Unions "Natural Mineral Water" Status in 1987.
This company offers five products for customers. In fact, the list of this products are :

Tipperary Naturla Mineral Water Range Tipperary

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