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II. Situation analysis
a. Internal environment
b. External environment i. Perfume market
France is often considered all over the world as the country of perfume. The perfumery industry is a mattering sector in France with an outcome of 16,3 billion euros in 2007. (es-tu sure ?) It is the second exporting sector of the French industry in 2008 behind the aeronautics[1].

The French perfume and cosmetic market consists of three big segments: cares (54 % of sales 2008), perfumes (28 %) and make-up (18 %)[2]. The cosmetic market, and more particularly the perfume market is a closed market, dominated by a little number of big firms such as LVMH or L’Oreal. The actors of second ranking represent a small part of the market. L’Oreal and Parfums Christian Dior are the main actors of this sector with outcomes respectively of 2 115 million euros and 958 million.[3]

Household consumption in perfumes and toiletries[4]

• Unit: percentage of the annual variations in volume

We observe a strong fall of household consumption in perfumes and toiletries in France from 2007 to 2008. This decline of the consumption (faux, déclin de la croissance de la consommation) is explained by the crisis, the consumers have fewer purchasing powers. But toiletries sector is more affected by this phenomenon than the perfume market. Consumers buy products, which have many functions (for instance a moisture and against-wrinkle cream in the same tube).

In spite of the current crisis, the perfume market should continue to progress in 2009 to reach 7 billion Euros in 2010[5]. The perfume market represents a luxury, which the consumers do not wish to give up. The market for cosmetics and fragrances has certain advantages. Unlike the clothing or food, this market will not be part of posts sacrificed by the consumer . (source ???)

In France, every inhabitant buys on average for 205,45 Euros of perfumes, hygiene or beauty per year. [6] This consumption is the 4th strongest to

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