Marketing renault

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April 14, 2009

To support an unparalleled product plan in the history of the Renault Group, Renault’s Marketing Division has set ambitious targets. To achieve them, Marketing has mobilized the right resources, which are already paying off and delivering convincing results. In order to adapt to the economic environment in 2009, Marketing is enhancing Renault’s visibility to digital audiences and is launching two new web-based interfaces: Renaultshop and Renault TV.

2008: a winning strategy Inspiring positive feelings about the brand, generating traffic in the showrooms, publicizing new models in the line-up, valuing customers, doing more and better with the same budget – those are the ideas behind Renault marketing actions since the beginning of the Group’s product offensive. For more clarity, browsing on the Group’s websites has been rationalized through new versions of the and sales sites. Fifteen mini-sites dedicated to products were launched in 2008. Through exclusive technological partnerships with Microsoft, the and websites have been enriched with Silverlight technology and its DeepZoom and Microsynth features, enabling users to view vehicles in incredible detail and create 3D-quality images. Two key partnerships have also been signed. The partnership with yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur symbolizes Renault’s commitment to the environment through the Renault eco label, and the partnership with Electronic Arts to place New Mégane Coupé in one of the most famous auto racing video games in the world, Need for Speed. These developments reflect a revamped marketing strategy, which is now focused on conquering new customer segments. To maximize the impact of the launches of new vehicles in the Renault line-up, such as Renault Laguna Coupé, event packages are designed, such as a giant safe box to showcase a vehicle or

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