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Case: Tomato paste
Prepared by: * Rita BENJELLOUN TOUIMI * Imane MADIH * Yassinne MASSAOUDI * Zineb MDEHHEB

Choose a company and a product Object: What I want to do with the product. (Information about the country that I target) Search information about consumers in that country Manufacturing the product, design according to the information I have collected Where I'll distribute the product "hyper market,...etc" How much will my product cost, at what price I'll be able to sell it
How will I promote my product "advertising, billboard, radio, degustation, direct media, international fears.

The present sheet gives a detailed description of the company AICHA and constitutes an introductory part at the general presentation of the company.
Symbolic figure of the brand, AICHA has gained through the years the sympathy of the youngest and their mothers, to occupy today a privileged position in the Moroccan family life.
AICHA is pioneer since its inception in 1929. The head’s office is in Ain Sloughi in Meknes in Morocco. It’s about limited company governed by the law 17/95 relative to limited companies created on November the 1st, 1973 and the life cycle of which is limited to 99 years.
Surface of the factory: 50000 m2 , 25000 of which are covered.
Manpower: From 160 to 300 employees according to seasons.
AICHA established its reputation of Excellency thanks to the famous brand AICHA jams, before extending its skills to tomato paste, olive oil and more recently to refined oils.
Production capacities: * Jams: 120 tons / day * Tomato paste: 2000 tons / day * Olive oil: 500 tons / day * Refined oil: 150 tons / day
Size of tomato paste

Turnover distribution:
80% on local market, 20% to exportation
Faithful to the traditional quality “beyond standards” which has become a reference in food processing, already certified ISO 9002.
With a product line capacity of more than

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