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Export Marketing
Case study: Export from a European and a global perspective


In one hand, an export manager should work closely to the purchasing department for ordering good quality andcheap products for exporting to the buyers from anywhere of this world.
The role of an export manager is necessary to deal with import and export duty taxes of local and foreign countries.
In theother hand, the WTO is the organization which represents the foundation of the multicultural trade system. The decisions made by the WTO use to solve difficulties and constraints inherent at the entryin a foreign market. For example, agreements which are done not to raise a trade tariff barrier of an exporting or importing country can influence the decisions of an export manager concerning hisactivity.
Thus, an export manager is obviously concerned by decisions made by the WTO.


The WTO is an international organisation created to establish a fair trade without discriminations.Thus, its aim is to act in a global level contrary to FTA which behaves in a smaller ladder.
Furthermore, the WTO deals with the rules of trade between nations at a global or near-global level.Although FTA encourages and promotes the fair competition between countries, but there are not laws and rules concretely established to adopt a open and transparent market. It deals with each country tofollow or not the rulemaking procedures.


We can envisage an antithetical answer. First of all the establishment of FTA’s makes easier the trade between countries and companies around theworld. These establishments can bring positive spin-off like increase of export, trade balance, and finally increase of GDP.
However, if countries act at a national level they would not be efficient at aglobal level.


FTA is an element key of customs union and free trade area. The principal characteristics are the follows:
- A major benefit of membership in a free trade agreement is...
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