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The mobile phone is considered to be one of the most revolutionary inventions of this last 20 years. With the globalization which increased exchanges and data flows, people need to share news andinformation immediately, on the fastest and easiest way, especially in the business world. Moreover, according to Wireless Intelligence, there are now more than five billion connections worldwide and thetotal number of cell phones had already surpassed the number of fixed phone 8 years ago; so, no technology has ever spread faster around the world (The Economist, 2008a). But although it seems to aperfect device for communication and progress, nothing is without negatives effects. The aim of this essay will be to talk about positives and negatives effects of mobile phones, and draw somerecommendations to use this technology effectively, avoiding negatives impacts.

Firstly, in the actual context, the mobile phone has essential applications set for people who use it. In fact, more than asimple phone, new technologies permit to insert in this small object a wide range of functions, going from texts to alarm, via music player, timetable, games and camera. As Samsung slogan mentions"Everyone's Invited"; indeed, each one can find the mobile phone which matches to his expectation. Usually, teenagers want music and photos, students need calendar to manage their time and texts, workersneed internet access and space to save data and elders need to call and to keep in touch with their family. Mobile phones adapt to everybody and they always are a source of innovation and creativity.(Proparcos’ magazine, Novembre 2009)
Moreover, mobile phones mean connectedness and speed. Time is not wasted looking for coins to use a phone box: in few seconds it’s possible to be in contactwith the right person or ring everyone to postpone a meeting; consequently, stress and nervousness disappears. Also, it's an easy way of communication and sharing with family or friends, who live far...
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