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Tim Burton:a biography by Kevin Debeaurain
One of the most famous celebrity in the history of film, Tim Burton is both a know director and producer of the world
From burbank to Disney studio
Tim Burton was born in Burbank,California,USA, on August 25,1958.He lived in Burbank, near Los angeles during his childhood.He spent a lot of time to draw cartoons, watch old movies and dream.While he was in 9 th grade , he won a local competition with an anti-litter poster .One year later, he left home to live alone in a flat .When he won a scholarship for Institute of the Arts, he was only 16 years old.Even before he started his acting career, he worked like animator for the Disney Studios .He shot his first film in 1984 but Disney Studio refused to release his film because Frankenweenie declared that this film was scary for children . After this fact he left the Disney Studio.
Between achievements and disapointement
One year later, he left a Disney Studio. His film Pee-Wee's Big Adventure was a suprisingly box-office hit.From 1985 to 1988 , he didn't shot film .3 years after Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, he made Beetlejuice, a strange gothic comedy, which was a box office hit too.After the film batman appeared in the box , it was a great succes.In 1990, Tim Burton made the film Edward Scissorhands with his friend Johnny Deep .His next film wasBatman Returns wich was a financial succes but disapointed fans .The movie Batman Forever was not directed by Burton because Warner Brother refuses his request . The film Mars Attacks was not very successful in1996 . Tim Burton announced his return with Sleepy Hollow which has been a succes .He met his partner in life (Helena Bonham Carter) on set of The Planet of the Apes .In 2003 , he shot Big fish . The same year his son Billy Ray was

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