My best friend penelope cruz

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Of all my Spanish friends, I like Penelope Cruz the best. I met her when I arrived in Barcelona so a long time ago yet. She looks older but in realitywe are the same age. We share a lot of things.

She studied secondary school in Madrid, and then she moved to Barcelona to go to the university and tryher luck in theatre and dancing companies. She shares a flat with three other students, and she works in a discotheque to pay her schooling. She lovesmusic and theatre, particularly modern compositions. When she comes in any dance floor, she's dancing like she never danced before. It happens the same whenshe's acting. She feels completely free and we saw that she like it the best. She is exceptional, I'm honoured to be her friend.

Besides, I considershe is beautiful. She is quite small with curly brown hair, and big and nice dun eyes. She has a wonderful relationship with her flatmates, they always goout together on night to have a dinner and dance. They also cook delicious cupcakes. She knows how to have a great time but she has also a big curiosityabout many things. I can talk with her about all kind of subjects. She's very cultivated and sensitive.

She works hard, and rehearse a lot. She has lotsof auditions, but in the same time she goes to the university. She hasn't had much luck for the moment, but I'm convinced of one day she'll be aworld-class actress or dancer. She doesn't want to be rich and famous. At the moment, she's part of a small theatre and dancing company and she's very happy.
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