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News 1:
Italian police have arrested a man after his car crashed into a group of cyclists, killing eight of them.

The driver was operating another car on a two-lane road near Lamezia Terme in the southern region of Calabria when he hit the cyclists coming the other way.

Four people were also injured in the crash, the driver, who is a Moroccan national.

He is being garded by police in hospital on suspicion of manslaughter.

Police said the arrested man had been driving without a licence, having had it taken from him seven months ago for dangerous driving, and that blood tests showed he had been driving under the influence of marijuana and was speeding.

Visibility and driving conditions were reportedly good at the time of the accident.

The group of Sunday-morning cyclists was affiliated with a gym in Lamezia Terme.

As a result of the crash, Italian cycling officials complained about safety problems for cyclists who have to share roads with cars.

News 2:
A German woman has been killed in a shark attack. The woman was snorkelling off the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Four people were injured in similar attacks at the resort earlier in the week.

Egyptian authorities had re-opened the waters after saying they captured the sharks involved in the earlier attacks.

Officials say they are destressed by the repeated attacks and are consulting marine biologists to find out why there was this change in biological nature as some experts say is inusuel.

There are fears about the impact of the shark attacks on the tourism trade in the world's most popular diving spot.

Egyptian officials said the elderly German woman had died immediately after the attack.

"The worry is that if there is not enough fish, then the sharks would look for alternative

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