notion idea of progress

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Notion “Idea of progress”. (Thème : “A soustainable world”)

'm going to talk about the notion “The Idea of Progress”, first, I would like to give a definition of this notion: the progress is the action to go forwards, to increase, to be better. For a society or for a humanity, the progress is the evolution in the sense of an improvement, its a progressive transformation towards more knowledge and happiness.To approach the notion of progress, I have decided to treat the subject of sustainability. My question is: Why and how should we preserve the resources of our planet? I am going to answer it with documents seen in class this year. But first of all I would like define what is the sustainability: It makes sure that we have and will continue to have the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment. I would like to cut my question in two parts,
"Why should we preserve the resources of our planet?" and "How should we preserve the resources of our planet?" People now think that technology solves all our problems and we take nature for granted. It is on this planet that we discover the world and that we evolve. The first document seen in class is a photo of the planet be in hiding. This picture shows the beauty of the earth and also the progress of the technology because the photo was taken on the moon. The photo shows a contrast between the blue sensational color of the earth and the black color of the atmosphere and grey of the moon. There are more than 7 billions of people who live there as well as on and a lot of floras and faunas.
The planet Earth is

precious for us. We have to make every effort that she remains livable. We do not have to empty the nature of its resources, that they are food or energy. We have to protect these resources. It is thus necessary us to learn to consume reasonably, and not to waste. The resources are not unlimited. They are certainly plentiful, but the populations are so numerous

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