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T- Hi man, how are you? 
L- I don’t feel well, I am sad dude!
T- Oh …What is happening? 
L- Last week, my girlfriend left me
T- Oh I ‘am sorry, do you know why?
L- Yes, she is having an affairwith her boss? She left me for him
T- That’s bad. But you need to forget her, now. The best is to try to have some fun 
L- I can’t
T- Why? She was not worth it.
L- Yes you are probably right 
T- Iheard there is a speed dating meeting in Brussels today. Do you want to go there? 
L-What is it?
T- It’s a meeting where men and women can meet each other.
L- Have you ever been to a speed datingsession?
T- Yes for sure, last year I went with my brother and he found the girl of his live.
L- Ho yes, it’s there where you have to change oh partner every 3 minutes. Did you find a girl friend?T- No, I met 3 girls but they where just a one night shot.
L- What kind of questions can I ask? Give me an example.
T- For example, if you could be a sport, which kind of sport would you be?
L- Isee, better to be a little creative. it’s better to ask some special questions with a lot of imagination.
T- Exactly, are you thinking to a question?
L- Yes I’m just thinking: If you could be a star,which star would you be?
T- That’s great; you are ready for a speed dating session.
L- Great. It will clear my mind. How can I do if I want a private rendez-vous with a girl?
T- If you love a girland if she loves you, it's called a victory ! No, you can tick her name on a paper.
T- Let’s go then 
L- Do we take the car?
T- No let’s go by foot. It is only 30 minutes from here and it’sbetter for our health 
L- OK but then let’s take a short cut I know 
T- OK I will follow you 

(Laurent suddenly falls to the ground)

L- Ah… Shit I didn’t see this hole in the street. I have hurt myankle.
T- Don’t move. Let’s have a look
L- Don’t touch please It is very painful.
T- Can you get up?
L- No, I can’t move, I think my ankle is broken. Better we ask for help 
T- Shit, there is...
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