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(Girls dancing, Ashton pulls Makayla aside, puts his arm around her)

Ashton : Umm.. Baby, we need to talk.

Makayla : What’s up, hun?

Ashton : Well, I kinda cheated on you, something like 9 times tonight, not to mention the other nights… Hope we can still be friends… Sorry.

Makayla : How could you do this to me!?

(Falls to the floor, grabs Monique from the crowd.)

Makayla : He is such an ass-hole ! How could he do this?

Monique : Oh please girl, you deserve a lot better than that scumbag.

Makayla : But I loved him !

Monique : How could you love a lying, cheating scumbag?

Makayla : I thought we had something. Who are these little bimbos?

Monique : Whoever they were, they’re dumb little skanks.

Makayla : I think this is just his was of breaking up with me. I mean, 9 girls? Who can hook up with that many girls in one night? Even if they are bimbos.

Monique : I just think he’s a jerk. 9 girls, that’s low. The girls are probably just jealous of you anyway.

Makayla : Jealous of what? My lying, dumb-ass ex-boyfriend?

Monique : Everyone knows he’s cute. Don’t deny it.

Makayla : I know, but still, just because he’s hot doesn’t give him the right to take advantage of me.

Monique : Well, it’s not like you’ve been the best girlfriend.

Makayla : What are you talking about?

Monique : Well, you’re a big flirt! And he knows he can do better. No offense.

Makayla : Are you trying to say that what he did was okay? 9 girls Monique ! NINE!

Monique : That’s not what I’m saying ! But maybe, he had his reasons for his actions !

Makayla : You’re not helping bitch ! Who’s side are you on !?

Monique : Relax ! I’m just trying to be straight forward with you.

Makayla : Well you’re supposed to be my best-friend, and I need you right now !

Monique : And I’m here for you ! Whatever you need !

Makayla : I just can’t believe he did this to me…

Monique : What are you going to do about it?

Makayla : Find

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