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Patrick Bruel was born the fourteenth of may of 1959 in French Algeria. But in 1962, after the independence of Algeria, hehad to live in France, in Paris. He has four passions, football, music, poker and cinema.
Patrick Bruel is not his native name which was Maurice Benguigui. He’s an actor, but principally a singer.
Atthe age of five years old, he discovered Brel, Brassens, Gainsbourg, and it’s because of these singers that Patrick took a liking for the music.
In 1978, he got the first rule in a film, « Le coupde sirocco », by Alexandre Arcady. It was his first apparition on the French scene.
Overnight, he became famous, but he wanted to go to New York to join a friend.
On the spot, he met GerardPresgurvic for the first time, who is at present one of its best friends. He stayed one year in America before returning to Paris.
In 1984, the first song of Patrick was listened so many times, that it was asuccess for Patrick, this song which was « Marre de cette nana-là » written by Gerard Presgurvic.
In 1989, he brought out a record, « Alors regarde », which was too an enormous success. Particularlythe song « casser la voix » and the song « Place des grands hommes ».
Patrick can stop to sing during his concert, because spectators relieve !
That’s why at the beginning of the nineteenthcentury, it was the « Bruel Mania », he had hundreds groupies, often young, who could make everything just to have the chance to approach him.
In 1992, he won a price at the « Victoires de la musique ».Then, he stopped to sing, even if he sold a new cd few years ago. He always made films but no with the same success than the music.
At the moment, he’s participating at a lot of tournament of poker,he won in 1998, the WSOP tournament which signified world series of poker.
The last thing that he did was a dvd in which he gives advices for Poker and in 2010, he played once again in a film by...
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