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The Laptop

The planet begins increasingly to be computerized. Many electronic devices are available and anyone with money can get them. Manypeople are ''addicted'' to their computing device. In our view, the most important device is the laptop. Cell phone may have many advantages but alsoseveral disadvantages. In this paper, we describe the advantages and disadvantages that can have a laptop.

First, let's say the benefits alaptop. The laptop can be able to do school work. It allows us to make texts, accounting and power point. It also helps to keep the old photos we wantto keep. A laptop can meet people, talk with them, and make new friends. With the help of the lap top you can stay in Contact with old friends youdo not want to lose. This is a great hobby because you can play games whether it is educational or not. You can learn many things because thesedays everything found on the Internet. With a laptop, you can go online from anywhere.

Second, we will say that the disadvantages can have alaptop. Young people are ''addicted'' to their laptop and do not go play outside. A laptop is very expensive and is easily breakable. With a laptop, youcan run out of battery.

In conclusion, the notebook has much more advantages than disadvantages. The laptop allows us to communicate easily withpeople. I think it is advantageous to have a laptop. Laptop is good for the people but they should not spend hours a day on their laptops.
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