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The Congress and the Vietnam War

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Introduction Prehistory The first phase, 1946-1954 (French phase) Second phase 1964-1973 (American stage) Phase three: Vietnamese Phase The role of the Congress during the Vietnam War.



VII- Conclusion VIII- Literature


I- Introduction I have tried in this household, bring some light into the darkness of the Vietnam War because it was a very important event in history and is often dealt with too quickly. Vietnam is just a very "distant" country. Many people do not even know why the Vietnam war got started and how many innocent civilians and soldiers of different nationalities were killed. For Vietnam, until the final peace is a long unrest and repression minted country. The following is my thesis is to show how the war proceeded, however, would be very important in this context, the role of the U.S. Congress in this war, what is even the main point of my work. I have organized my work as follows: I started with a brief history of the war, and then I presented the three phases of the war and finally the role of Congress in this war.

II-Prehistory The Vietnam War ended in 1946 and 1975. It was about the independence, unity and supremacy in the country. The war took place in several phases. The first, the French period (1946 - 1954), is often described under the name of IndoChina war, as a separate war. One needs to make a big leap in the history of the past to get to the origin of the conflict. The general suppression of Vietnam by China ended in the mid-19th Century by the forcible annexation of Vietnam by the French. The Vietnam has being exploited by France to

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