Population et classe sociale en gb

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Chapter I : Population & Social Class

UK = Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales
Southern Ireland is an independent country. Something different from the UK. NI is alsoknown as Ulster composed from 6 counties they are part of the UK
GB = Scotland, England and Wales
To be English is different to be Scottish.
Shetlands and Scillies
Jersey and Guernsey dependson Britain but they are independent Islands

- POPULATION of the UK :
Roughly as in France 60 million people (63). There is a census in Britain. Every 10 years there is 2001 the last one , duringthe curse of this year there will be a census.
When you compare this figure when the first census ever which was organized in 1801, (before only estimation). The first figure was 8.8 million ofpeople.
We try to have a look on this evolution until today.
The first document ever to register this number is called the Domesday book. It dates back to 1086. During the Middle Ages (11th century),William the Conqueror, he was a Norman(dy),
Hastings 1066; there was a king in Great Britain, Alfred was king in 1066.
This invasion was very important in the history of Britain for many reasons :- linguistically (latin words)
The Normans take the language. When William wanted to become king of England he imposed his language (Patois normand importé en Gb) Langue administrative, languedes vainqueurs.
Ex Beef / Ox - sheep / mutton
After the Britain, the Normans decided to see how many people they were .
Not a real census, (not the means) estimations of the number of thehabitants, the result appeared in the Domes day book. 1086
At that time 1.5 million of people .
From 1086 until the 14th century the population increased steadily
In the middle of the 14th they were 3million people.
Something occurred the 14th century The Black death 1348 The Plague
It has for csq to kill 1/3 of the population. 1 million people died of the Black death. After this, indeed, the...
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