Présentation de l'illinois

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The state of the Illinois

The little history The Illinois was first inhabited by Native Americans. The state of the Illinois is named after the Native Americans tribe of the same name. In 1634,French explorers came when Jean Nicolet went to the Lake Michigan. In 1669, Robert Cavalier de la Salle explored the Ohio and the Illinois. The first French settlements were founded and then it isespecially trading posts. The Illinois became a U.S state in 1818.

Presentation of the state The Illinois is a state located in the central U.S that is in the Middle West. It has an area of 150,000 km2.Its width is 340 km and its length is 629 km. It is bordered to the north-east by Lake Michigan. The neighboring states are Wisconsin to northern, Iowa and Missouri to the west, south by the Missouriand Kentucky and east by Indiana.

The total population is 12.4 million. There are 73.5% White, 15.1% Black, 3.4% Asian, 0.3% Native American and 8% are other. The capital is the city ofSpringfield. It has about 200.000 inhabitants.

The governor is Pat Quinn. He has democrat and has the post since January 29, 2009. Senators are Richard Durbin and Rolland Burris. They are democrats.Representations The Cardinal is the bird representative of the Illinois.

The purple is the flower representative of the Illinois.

The white oak is the tree representative of the Illinois.Agriculture The Illinois is very agricultural. Maize is practiced intensively. Breeding is focused on pigs, sheeps and dairy exports. It practiced a little less corn for popcorn and pumpkims, and viticulture.The Illinois is also producer of soybeans, fruits and vegetables.

Industry Detroit was the capital of the automotive industry before the advent of European and Japanese competition. Industries hereinclude food, chimicals, machinery, fabricated metal,computres by electronic plastics, rubber and transportation equipment. Temperatures and reliefs Currently in the Illinois, it did in the day...
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