Présentation professionnelle

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Professional experience

I have been preparing a day release vocational training, specialised in visual communication.
I work three days and study two days a week.
Theagency I work in is called Walk Don’t Walk. It’s a small sized company, specialised in global communication.

It is located in the fifteenth district of Paris, near from theTour Eiffel.
There are fifteen employees. I work in the grapic design department with five employees.
My tutor is Artistic Director.

I am in charge of creating and executingdifferent supports of communication.
My tasks consist in creating leaflets, logotypes, advertissements, for different and various brands.

To carry out those various tasks,I use severals tools. For example, I work on a Macintosh, with In design (layout software), Photoshop (picture software), and Illustrator (vector graphics software).
Icreate layouts, house styles, posters...

If I had to assess my training period, I would say it has rather been a success. Indeed, I’ve learned
a lot. I haven’t faced any majorproblems except once, in terms of follow-up work.
Indeed, the brands’s briefs are not always precise. Clients may change their mind, and you have
to adapt your work quicklyat many times.

In terms of professional knowledge, I have improved my patience, concentration and human relationships.
In terms of know-how, I have learned to use softwaresin a better way. I am more efficient.

During my job training, I realised that this job is really what I want to do in my life.
After my exam, I would like to be hired inmy agency.
I’m planning to work in London. Indeed, my agency have a subsidiary in London. I love english culture, so I would like to work there sometimes, or maybe fulltime.¬
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