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She put her plate on the table and watched until the feet left the kitchen and went back into the living room. She decided to go to the auction, unable to support his husband. During the route, she thought about him. She reflected that she couldn’t live longer with this man who stayed all the day on the sofa, taking a nap. Her, who had believed that he was the man of his life and hoped having child with him, became suddenly desperate by his husband’s behavior. Five minutes later, she arrived in front of the place where the auction should take place. She entered and sat at the middle of a row of chairs. The room was half full and however she had one quarter of hour in advance. She waited patiently, looking the local filling up little by little and finally, the auction began. She succeeds to get one fridge for 500 £, what was, in view of her means, relatively expensive. She gave her name and her address and the organizer said her that a truck brought her the fridge in two days and that she two weeks to pay. She went out, stressed by idea of say to her husband the price of his purchase. She went in direction of his flat, the ball in the belly, wondering how she could pay this fridge. She entered at home and deposited his bag in the kitchen. The feet had still not moved from the sofa. The husband’s voice reached her from the living room.
- So what?
- I get one for 500 £.
- What?! 500 £?! You’re crazy! You couldn’t buy one less expensive?! How are we going to do to pay that?!
- I bought the cheapest. We have two weeks to pay. And if you are not happy, tell you that you should have to go with me to the auction, instead of staying sleep on the sofa!
- But reflect two minutes! How do you think we are going to pay this fridge?!
- If you worked, we would not have this problem…
- I have been fired! It’s all the same not of my fault!
- I’ve not the impression that you made efforts to find a new job… He didn’t reply. On the

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