Problèmes à l'implentation du e-procurement

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What problems occurred during the implementation process?
In this part I will explain what problems occurred during the implementation process of the e-procurement in Phillips Company:

Transactions are not as quick as it seems because sometimes you put a product on internet and you have to wait until there is enough interesting propositions of buying to take the decision to sell: you lose the time that you gained!
It takes time and sometimes you even have to send an e-mail to the suppliers to ask them to connect on the website which make the system useless.

Suppliers and customers still have to meet each other to do business because they need a human contact to feel comfortable in a professional relationship: You can’t sell a product on e-marketplace as well as you would do it face to face with a customer or a supplier.
The problem is that you begin a transaction with a customer (or a supplier) on the e-marketplace in order to increase the number of contracts and reduce the costs but, then, you have to come back on this customer to make him buy more products or services.
Phillips had to manage between having more suppliers/customers on internet and keep a good and healthy relationship with its collaborators.

They are many companies which want to get in the e-procurement market which create a big fragmentation of this market: one thing that the e-market is normally made to avoid.
Indeed, these systems are being used by more and more companies which begin to over pack the

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