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This document is an extract from the free online news source ScienceDaily, which was wrote on the seventeenth of March two thousand and nine. It deals with the fact that children are purchasingadvisor of their parents purchases without these last ones realize it.

The text may be divided into two parts. The part one runs from the line 5 to 12, we can observe the facts and it may be entitled“the ignorance of the parents”. The second part runs from the line 13 to 17, it may be entitled “responsible factors of purchase order makes by children”.

An Austrian survey has revealed that mostparents who shop with their children are not aware of how many products their child make them buy. However, they should take care of the important influence of their little ones because the majority ofproducts being in the shopping cart were not planned on the purchase list. Indeed, parents leave the supermarket with much more objects that envisaged.

If children want absolutely make theirparents buy while they are shopping, that's because of the products placement in the lower shelves. In fact, retailers intentionally place the objects at the eye-level of kids in order to interest them.That's why the two researchers advise to seat the child in the shopping cart where he'll be in front of his parents and so, where his field of view will be reduce.

I agree with the conclusion ofthe Austrian researchers. I also think that as parents as retailers shouldn't ignore the influence their children have on them. But in my opinion, this is a vicious circle. Even if retailers must becareful of how they place the products, they must have a business and the final aim is to make profits. Moreover, to be quiet, parents deliberately yield to the whim their children, more particularly ifthe product can be used in store.

To conclude, parents are often satisfied that their children finally find an object who hold them wise so that they can quietly finish their shopping. Thus,...
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