Rédiger sur le gap year

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My name’s….. and I’m 18. In fact I’ve just turned 18 (I’ve been 18 for only a week now) (I turned 18 a week ago)
I grew up in …with…. I went to school in …where I passed my high school diploma.

Let me tell you about my personality.
Regarding my strengths, I would say I’m sociable, patient and open-minded. Indeed, I like going out with my friends. In fact they say I’m a good listener and reliable. Whenever they have a problem, I’m ready to help.
I must admit / confess I have a weakness though, I’m not exactly hard-working. I need regular encouragement from my parents or teacher.

As for my hobbies, I play sports regularly and my favourite sport is football….
I also like travelling abroad and learning languages. That’s why, after my degree, I’d like to work for a multinational company. First because I’m sure the pay will be better, then because there will be opportunities to travel and finally because I would be proud to work for a well-known (world-famous) firm.

My father is a civil-servant, he works for the French Railways SNCF but he can’t be blamed for all the delays!
I’m an only child and I’m satisfied as I don’t have to put up with a little brother or sister. but I wish I had brothers and sisters as I feel a bit lonely at times.

I’m interested in new technologies.
I’d like to travel the world….and to study abroad.

HSBC bank advertisement

The picture is clearly divided into 2 parts.

On the left hand side we can see a family (the parents are standing at the back) with 3 children. The photograph was taken inside the house, probably in the hall. (They are all wearing flip flops!)
On the right, we can see a young man with a backpack. He’s wearing walking boots and he’s standing in a forest in New Zealand. He’s obviously travelling the world, he’s on a gap year (taking time off and time out before university). Although he’s not in the same place, we are to understand that he’s part of the family and is the oldest

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