Life in the far north

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Life in the Far North.

Before you read
The houses are not high. They are different colors. They are not separated. You can walk from one house to another. There is snow everywhere. It looks very cold.
In the second picture, there are three Inuits. It is a family, with the mother and two children. There is a lot of snow. The Inuits are fishing. They are wearing very warm jackets.
Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut, a territory located in the Far North.
The climate must be harsh, it is very cold, the temperature is very low: many degrees below zero. The Inuits lived in igloos years ago, but today they must live in modern houses. They still use sleighs drawn by snow dogs to go from one place to another. They live on fish and caribou meat. They eat it raw. Caribou is also used for its skin to make warm parkas for winter.
Read the text.
1.Jim’s way of life: from line 13 to line 15, paragraph 3
Iqaluit: from line 2 to 6, paragraph 1
The beauty of the North: from line 20 to line 25, paragraph 5
Jim’s living environment: from line 10 to line 12, paragraph 2
The house Jim is building: from line 16 to line 18, paragraph 4
2.Time of arrival: at 1 p.m
Temperature: - 20°C
Jim’s age: 53 years old
Iqaluit’s population: 4,500 inhabitants
Distance between Jim’s house and his neighbour’s: 30 miles ( 48 kms)
Read paragraph 1.
3.The sun is setting means it is the beginning of the night.
4.People move on foot, on skidoos, vehicles and husky-drawn sleighs.
5.Tiny - husky - skidoo
Read paragraph 2.
6.He lives in the bush now. Before, he lived in Poughkeepsie, New York. He is called a southerner because though Poughkeepsie is in the north of the US, it is south of Canada.
7.He moved to Nunavut 5 years ago. He came there because he loved the outdoors and was fascinated by the Far North.
8.He lives 4 hours from Iqaluit.
9.No, he likes being alone, he says: “I don’t think I would be able to live next to other people. It doesn’t work for me.”

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