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(Chapter 1 to 12)

Chapitre 1 :

Sade and her little brother were witness of the death of their mother. They heard gunshots and the noise produced by the motor of a car, escaping fast of their house. Sade and Femi's father was crying when they arrived next to him, he was holding the lifeless body of his wife. When the doctor arrived, it was too late, she wasdead. Later, criminals called them, they threated Sade's father.
Children saw their mother for the last time, in a white sheet, behind the darkenest glass of the ambulance. Their uncle, and their father talked a long about what happend and why. Finally their father decided to flee away for a moment, in order to escape the assassins.

Chapitre 2 :

Their uncle was searching informations to geta way to flee. Sade and Femi are lost, they don't understand how their life could change like that. When their uncle came back, he had finally find a way to escape. Their father would have to wait a few time if he wanted to get a good passport. Sade and Femi will flee with another woman who will become their new « mother » during the trip. They will fly to England tonight.

Chapitre 3 :Sade and Femi are preparing their suitcase, in a few jours, they would be in London, in their Uncle Dele's flat. It's a moving moment for them, they don't know what they could bring with them, everything there is in their place is important, they remind them memories of the past. When their father entered the room, he just explained them quickly what they will have to do, but they had to go, theiruncle was here, ready to drive them to the airport. They entered the car, and hid themself under a white sheet.

Chapitre 4 :

The trip in car reminded Sade a lot of memories of her childhood, she thought about people she hadn't say goodbye, as her grandmother or Joseph. The situation started to get dangerous when a policeman stopped the car, but their uncle succeed convincing him to let thempass. When they arrived at the airport, Mrs Bankole was waiting for them. They quickly said « goodbye » to their uncle and went to the airport with their « new mother ».

Chapitre 5 :

At the airport, Mrs Bankole, Femi and Sade had to pass the police check. They didn't get so much problems but when they arrived in the terminal, Sade felt sick. She went into the toilet and started to cry. Shewas wondering how it was possible to see her own life changing like that in one day. She finally went into the plane. When the plane gone into the sky, she realised that she let everyone she knew behind her, except Femi.

Chapitre 6 :

Sade and Femi were exhausted of everything happend during the day. Sade tried to sleep, but she always made nightmare, dreaming of her mother's death,reminding her the scream she heard. When they arrived in England in the morning, she saw London for the first time, and discovered what was a big city. It was very cold outside and they had to wait for their uncle.
Chapitre 7 :

At the arrival, an other officer checked their papers. He stared a long time at Sade and Femi but he finally gave them back their passports. Searching for their Uncle, twopolicemen stopped them and asked Mrs Bankole to open her suitcase, they also cutted the favorite bag of Sade in order to check if there wasn't any drugs in. When they get free, Uncle Dele wasn't there.

Chapitre 8 :

Mrs Bankole had to meet someone in Lodon, they took the train and met a man, maybe Mr Bankole thought Sade. While Sade and Femi were drinking a soda and eating a chocolate cake ina cafe, their hosting « mother » was explaining the situation to the man, outside. He seemed to be a bit angry. The children started to look at the english currency. But when they looked back at the place where Mrs Bankole was standing a few minutes ago, nobody was there.

Chapitre 9 :

Mrs Bankole let them alone in London. They just have four coins and the name of the place where their...
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