Résume corpse bride

277 mots 2 pages
Part 2:

Victor asks to Emily to stay in wood and lies to her by saying to her that he is going to prepare his parents for the piece of news of their marriage. In reality, he is going to join Victoria. While he asks for the help of Victoria, Emily surprises them and takes Victor in the world of the deaths. Victoria from its side, tries to convince her parents to help Victor but they want to hear nothing and they lock her into the room. She manages to run away and visits the pastor but this one returns her at her home. Lord Barkis persuades the parents of Victoria to give himher the hand of their daughter. Emily as for her learns an annoying news, the link which unites her to Victor is valid that until the Death separates them. So that they can unite for ever, Victor has to die, what he accepts. To celebrate their marriage, he suggests in everything the deceaseds going in the land of the living. We learn that Lord Barkis married Victoria where for the moneysilver of her family, when he understands that the family of his wife is ruined, he flies into a fury. The deaths invaded the land of the living and they provoked a panic dress rehearsal. As Victor pronounced his vows, Victoria arrived in the church. Emily refused to pronounce her vows because she did not want to steal the dreams of Victoria. At this moment, Lord Barkis arrived and drank inadvertently the poison which was intended for Victor. Emily then sacrificed herself in the name of the love which unites Victor and

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