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I am completing a part-time training to take a BTS Personal Assistant, equivalent to a two-year post A level in Management, Administration and Marketing.
It is a small sized company founded 7 years ago by Achot BAGHDASARIAN
It employs 7 people. The staff is composed of the Managing Director, the Director Assistant, the Head of the shipment department, two Warehouse men, the Furniture restorer and me the Personal Assistant.
With 1 million € turnover, the firm is well known in France.
We are distributor of furniture in France and Europe. Our main customers are made up of furniture retailers such as independent shops, central buying services.

The role I hold in the company is a rather responsible position with multi-skilled missions.
Indeed, I have to master much know-how in several fields.
a) Accountancy field:
We use the software “ciel gestion” for the financial management: the use of this software requires special attention because it depends on the metissage accountancy. I record on ciel gestion each buying and selling, proforma, return of invoices, price reassessment.


b) Administration field:
I mainly answer the phone and transfer calls. I also check mails and answer to them. As for customers’ orders, I transfer them to the warehouse, write and send various commercial and administrative letters.
c) Marketing field:
I am in charge of welcoming the customers when they come in our warehouse. I advice them and I conclude the furniture selling.
Besides, I deal with phone and mail canvassing. I follow up customer’s orders and answer to their requests about the stock, delivery date, and new items.

a) Human background:
The company is composed of 7 persons: 3 of us are working in offices, the manager M. Achot BAGHDASARIAN, the Director assistant Julia BARROT, and I. The 8 remaining ones work in the warehouse.
b) Social background:
I work in

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