Rapport de stage en anglais

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Report of training course


I carried my training period to Distillerie De La Tour to Pons (Charente-Maritime) from May 17th till June 26th, 2010. TheDistillerie De La Tour is specialized in alcohol distillation and concentrated must production. The company uses fifty five persons. Distillerie De La Tour is presenton the international market: European Union, the Eastern Europe, Asia, South Africa and North America.


During the training course I realized various tasks:I counted invoices in the accounting software and I made them payments (checks, transfers, effects).
Daily, I realized states of finance.
I calculated andon-line seizure the declaration of VAT of May.
Every day, I made states of link of banks and a past of the phone conversations with them when I wished the detail ofbank statements.

My Impressions

The benefits :
This training period I has taught me team-work and has improved my self-confidence.
It has enabled me to putone's knowledge into practise.
The staff was helpful, understanding and kind.
I appreciated contact with clients and humans relationships.

The difficulties :Tasks were me stressful as the first phone conversation with the bank and the first confrontation with the Chief Executive Officer.
The customers of the company aremainly foreign, I thus met difficulties for the reading of invoices in english.


This training course consolidated me in my choice of future. This workexperience gave me the envy to continue after the BTS with a DCG but by alternation. My choice of job, the accounting and the management, is doubtless my future, professional.
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