Rapport de stage

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Report of training period

My name is fouad abbaoui, i am a student of BTS Personal Assistant in a high school wich is named Voillaume. I spent my training in Drole de labo/ Fun science. It's activity is to animate spectacle for children. I found my training on the internet by myself. I am a Personal Assistant in firm.

My tasks within the firm was the invoicing, convassing, the proposal of commercial conctracts, the preparation of contracts and the comparison of offer and choice of the purveyors. In six weeks, i owed performed these tasks for my BTS Personal Assistant.

For the invoicing, i had to create quote, bills for our customers with software Ciel facture. No problem at this level because i come at Bac Professional Account.

For the canvassing, this tasks was new for me. I had to search prospective buyers to contact them and try to be commercial date. I am a bit timid because my colleagues listened to dialogue with prospective buyers.

For proposal commercial, I owed to help my commercial competences for the contents of this conctracts and my competences administrative to shape it. The only met problem was the understanding of the job asked by my executive.

For the comparison of offer and choice of the purveyor, i had to perfom a picture multicriterium with different purveyors who offered the same product but of different quality. This picture allowed me of nothing purveyors to make a choice on with to choose. Not met problem.

My qualities in the firm, autonomous,punctual, sense of the relational, sociable, sense of initiative because i work has partial time for to be independant.

This allowed training period, to learn the job Personal Assistant . It allowed acquire of professional knowledge in situation of job and perform my knowledge of professional middle and of

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