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Would you say our eating patterns and food quality have improved or worsened over the past 40 years? 120 mots

When I’m hungry sometimes I eat a sandwich with ham salad andbutter. But I prefer eat spaghetti with steak or ham. My favourite dish is the couscous, but I don't it often eating.
Over the last 40 years, the food quality has worsened inFrance. There are more and more fast food restaurants because it’s quicker and less expensive than the real restaurants. This is especially the young people who are eating infast food, for lunch with some friends it’s the best. But there are some problems with their healthy, lot of diseases appear like cholesterol or diabetes. But we don’t see them, sowe don’t care about these diseases, it’s just when you see you are fatter that you react! But it’s too late, you are already sick. 102
Imagine a discussion between avegetarian and a meat-eater, include the arguments they use to defend their points of view. 80 mots

Two friends have a date in a French restaurant, they sat down and read the menu.-I think I will take the chicken, it is so tasty, or the lamb with some french fries, it’s my favourite food! And you what do you want to eat?
-May be I will take the salmonwith some string beans and potatoes.
-You must try the duck lacquered! It is so delicious! With lot of mushroom sauce, it is the perfect dish!
-I don’t like eat meat, I preferfish and vegetables.
-Oh, are you vegetarian? It’s not good for you healthy, it’s dangerous to lacked protein!
-no it’s OK, I’m fine, and I prefer it rather than kill anyanimals!
-but they are here to be ate!
-May be, but they have anything asked, and the real problems are their conditions of life before to be dead. So thanks, any meat for me!
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