Religion et politique en pologne

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I) Poland : a very catholic country.

A) how catholic faith has became a symbol of polish unity.
B) religiosity in Poland.

II) Between religion and politics: which of both influences the other one.

A) The intrusion of Catholic Church in the political field.
B) The instrumentalisation of Church by the politics.

III) The Vox Populi to the test of Catholic faith.

A) The Catholic Church disavowed in its intrusion in the political field.
B) toward a normalisation between the Church ans the Politics.




Catholic Church has always supported the resistance against the communist. It contributed to the fall down of the communist regime and it defended the Polish national identity. Each country is a single mix of History, culture and social caracteristics which create specifities in all fields. About religion, the specificity of Poland is due to its high level of declared reliogisity, Polish people who identifie themselves to catholicism and the religious homogeneity of the polish society. In fact, 90% of the Polish population is catholic and 50% of them go regularly to the church. In the resting 10%, one third belongs to religious minorities while the rest doesn't trust in any god. For people from very secular states as France which was during many centuries named "the old sister of Catholic Church", it's very difficult to understand the weight of Church in still very Catholic country in social and over all political field as in Spain, Italy and Poland for instance. Today, we have a new Poland, but access to democracy does not mean the transition to consumer society wild, even if the temples which are the Western supermarkets french, English, German, even if the large European shops have emerged on the Polish soil and sometimes inspire many afternoons in the Polish cities, the fact remains

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