Religion in music

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Religion in Music

Nowadays we hear many people talking about religion, religiosity or Christianity, without really knowing, understanding or feeling its meaning. Having such a various access to information, we find out about religion from many sources, most of the time ignoring to see it in the most obvious ones: in everything that surrounds us and in the Church. In order to transmit information we need to express ourselves and which way better than music? Music helps us share feelings, passions, knowledge and experience in an easy and pleasant way.

I have chosen to write about this topic, because I find it very present in our days and there are many types of religious messages transmitted through different genres of music not only religious one. Therefore I will try to share my own perception on this subject in the following lines and hopefully offer some new information to the reader.

I. Music and Religion What is music? Music is the purity of the seeker-musician’s life. Music is the beauty of the seeker-musician’s heart. Music is the divinity of the seeker-musician’s soul. Music is not and cannot be vital excitement. Music is psychic enlightenment. Music is the supreme fulfillment of the aspiring human soul.

Of all the arts, music is the most available and the most universal. It springs out of the very speech and soul of a person or a community. It uses the most universal instrument, the human voice, and sounds created by earthy things like catgut and skin and wood and brass. Its tenderness and its profundity begin with the songs for infants sung by parents, and its power is manifested in the chants of priests of all cults and sects incanting prayers for the benefits of the gods.

What is religion? Religion is the code of life. From the code of life we come to learn we are of God the One, with God the One, in God the Many and for God the Many.

In religion there is soulful prayer and fruitful

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