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Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen

Pride and prejudice was published in 1813 in anonymity because of Jane Austen's social status, which forbade her to be known as a writer. The title announces to some extent the criticism of the social behaviors in the English society in the XIXth century. That's why my review begins with an overview of historical context.Then two others subtler points will be brought out, the first one concerns the story, the characters, the main themes of the book, in the second I comment on an extract.

I – Overview about the author, her book and the context.
1.1) Georgian era, the England of the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth

This era includes the reign of four kings, George I to George IV and underwent major upheavals in the British Empire. Indeed, the territory has been reduced due to the American war of Independence (1775-1783), who had lost thirteen Colonies. But his influence and his power were not affected by this loss since the other colonial empires were in difficulty, particularly France, defeated by the British and undergoes a regime change because of the failure of the Russian campaign conducted by Napoleon. In this context arises the British empire which imposed its power and develop its industry.
As for customs, new values were affirmed by the revolutionary ideas that circulate in Europe.That's why revolts against slavery have emerged, but also the rise of feminism. And the topic of the status of women is very present in Jane Austen's novel, unlike other subjects that are not reflected in the everyday life of the campaign described in Pride and Prejudice.

1.2) Biographical elements

It's in this context of profound changes that Jane Austen wrote. She was born in 1775 in a fairly wealthy family coming from Hampshire, England. Elements of her biography may clarify the choices of topics she deals with in her novels. Thus her social status is related to early English gentry to better understand

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