Right behind you

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15 October 2010
Book Review of ‘Right behind You’, by Gall Giles

What if you have a horrible secret that you have to live with. What if that secret is your past, and that sometimes you needyour past to build your future… The book’s title is RIGHT BEHIND YOU and it is written by Gall Giles. This is a fiction book and counts 292 pages. The book RIGHT BEHIND YOU has a depressing plot, a shyand guilty character, and a theme that deals with secret and consequences.
This book has a depressing plot. Kip’s mom died when he was nine. A few months after her death, Kip wasn’t feeling well,and, once, when his seven-years-old friend was annoying him, he murdered him.  After that event, he had to stay in a hospital for a few months until he spoke. Then they transferred him in a “state mentalward for dangerous juvenile offenders”, where he stayed for a few years.  When he left the center, he and his family had to change their name, and Kip became Wade. They moved in Indiana.  Wade triedto have a normal life. But, when he changed his name, his mom died and he moved in another state, it was hard for him to build a future without be able to tell his past. Once, he was with his friendsand one of them was saying that his life was terrible, his parents were not nice, and that Wade could not understand his problem because his life was ‘’so perfect’’. He upset Wade, so Wade told themthat his life was worse than his and, to prove that, he told them his secret. Then, everybody was rejecting him, and some parents wanted the school to exclude him. Wade had to move to another state.They moved to Texas. There again, he had to make new friends. But this time, his parent decided to homeschool Wade, so that he would have less problems with his friends, and maybe he would not tell hissecret again. Some people wanted to be his friends, but, again, it was hard to make good friends without telling his past. And, there again, after girlfriend told him her secret, he thought that he...
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