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The popular Republic of China, commonly called China, is a country in East Asia. This country presents a lot of resources.
These resources are very interesting and the Chinese culture also. This culture is very different of the occidental culture with a lot of contrasts. So in what ways China is a land of contrast?
Firstly we will describe this country and then we will analyze the different contrasts in China

China is the most popular country in the world with more than 1.3 billion people. Moreover this is the oldest civilization. This is also the largest country in East Asia and the third largest country in the world with 9,641,144 km2 superficies. The land border is the largest of the world with 22,117 km and there are maritime borders with South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. The Chinese territory is composed with a lot of landscapes thanks to its large size. Nowadays it’s a communist system; China presents herself like a social republic. China adopted a "socialist market economy" in which capitalism and authoritarian political come together. Indeed China defines herself like a socialist democratic dictatorship state and its ideology is the Marxism-Leninism. Firstly, we can note contrasts with the different town, Shangai count 14 460 000 people that is huge while we can find a very few people in the campaigns. To stop the excessive population growth, the Chinese government uses the one-child policy. However, we can find contrasts with this law. Indeed, the urban families can have only one child whereas the rural families can have two children. Moreover the rural families have more than two children because the law isn’t rigorously applied. Furthermore, there a contrast between women and men in the consumption, the women tend to shop more frequently than the men. They buy also different things; women spend more on personal care products and food whereas men spend more on gadgets alcohol… This contrasts may be explain by

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