Risk management

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The management of risk is critical to Hotel industry. Because it depends entirely on the services offers, it should be able to identify and manage its risk effectively.
The fact that many operations of the hotel involve non-hazardous materials (food, beverages etc.,) induces a general perception that risk is low in hospitality industry. However it should be takeninto account that there are many operations in hotels, which involve use of chemicals and hazardous material (dry-cleaning, storage, plating and polishing etc.,) working at height and other related operations like in any other industry.
Food contamination and environmental releases are some of the other major hazards associated with hotel operations. The control of physical risks is important andthe quality of services provided should not be overlooked.
By using the 10 principle of risk approach, in the fallowing lines, I will try to identify the most important risks that may be able to occur in our five stars Hotel, located at Porto Vechio in Corsica.
Physical properties
Accessibility: because the hotel is located in the forest; we have to make sure that adequate and securetransport infrastructure exists. Accessibility plans must be created in order to aloud customers and distributors to arrive easily in our structure.
Car parking: the parking can be considered as the first contact of the clients with the hotel. To avoid eventual accidents and compromising situations (robberies for example), the parking area should be equipped with lights, have: controlled access,surveillance, issues plans and to be linked at the main entrances.
Swimming pool and Fitness Center: related to the two facilities, several measures must be taken to mitigate risks as drowning and accidents. Swimming in the pool should be supervised by adequately qualified staff. The pool area must be secured from entry when not in use. Daily cleaning and tests of chlorination levels should beundertaken. The Fitness Center should be provided with adequate pre-use training.
Library: the most important risk related to this facility is the fire. The conditions of the Certificate issued by the fire authority should be fully understood and taken in account not only in the library case, but at entire hotel level. Is particularly important to apply the fallowing measures: provide the hotel withspecified equipment, fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lightening. The staff must be trained by doing evacuation drills. No significant changes can be made to the layout of the buildings without the fire authorities’ agreement.
Bathrooms: slipping over is a common accident related to bathroom safety. Slip mats and grab rails can help to prevent slipping especially if the showersare located over baths.
Bedroom: because of malfunction of electrical equipment, many accidents may occur. The guest’s rooms should be regularly inspected. Windows can be considered as another source of risk. Beds and furniture may enable children to gain access to open window. The bottom edge of window should be at least 800 mm above level unless there is a barrier present to prevent falls. Inthe absence of those two elements devices should be provided to prevent the window opening too far. Rooms must be correctly ventilated.
Restaurant: in the kitchen, very important safety regulations must be followed in order to avoid risks of diseases transmission: wall and floor surfaces should be maintained in good condition and kept clean, fridges and freezers must operate at the correcttemperature, hygiene of staff working in the kitchen or handling food.
Other elements that must be considered at entire level of the hotel are in order to prevent risks are:
Staff and Customers Security: all doors and windows must be secured, light to the ground must be provided, visitor access has to be monitored and supervised during the day and night. Wines, spirits and tobacco may need extra...
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