Romeo and juliet

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An expose about play Romeo and Juliet :
I will talk about the famous play Romeo and Juliet written by playwright William Shakespeare, probably in 1594. In fact, we only know with certitude the dateof the representation in 1597 during the Elizabethan period.
Story :
This lyrical tragedy is concentrated around five main topics: love, marriage, hatred, fatality and death. It takes place inVerona, in Italy and is about “a pair of star-crossed lovers” in the words of Shakespeare. Romeo falls in love of Juliet during a ball and reciprocally, but the two young people belong to twoprestigious families who hate each other for centuries, Montague (which is Romeo’s family) and Capulet (which is Juliet’s family). But, even if they know that their families never accept their love, they decideto marry secretly the next day, with the Friar Lawrence complicity. Unfortunately, during a duel, Mercutio, one of the best friends of Romeo is killed by Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin. Romeo, enraged,retaliates by killing Tybalt. He is banished from Verona and will be killed if he stays. So, after one night with Juliet, he leaves for Mantua. Then, Juliet learns that she must marry Paris in a few daysbut she would rather die than marry Paris. So she asks Friar Lawrence for advice and he gives her a potion which will make her appear dead whereas she is not. He promises to prevent Romeo intendingthe two lovers be reunited in the Capulet vault, but the letter fails to reach Romeo, who believes that Juliet is dead. He rushes to Juliet’s tomb and drinks a vial of poison. Moments later, Julietwakes and seeing Romeo dead, she kills herself. In fact, they can live their love only in the death.
Sources :
We can say that Romeo and Juliet is a myth because generally, we know this story withoutreading the play. We know that is about the hatred between two families leading to the tragic end of the two lovers. But, we must to know that in reality, Shakespeare didn’t invent it. Indeed, we can...
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