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It is said that actions speak louder than words. Well, Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo & Juliet also exists as a movie and it explains better and clearer how the love story between the two young lovers ended tragically. The blame could be put on the enmity between their two families, Romeo & Juliet themselves and the Nurse. First, if their parents did not hate each other, there would not even be the fight which led to Tybalt’s death and made Romeo exile from Verona. It also made Juliet sad and threaten to commit suicide because she had to marry another man. Her impulsiveness, her strong love for Romeo and the Nurse letting her down led to her own death.
Romeo and Juliet are two young lovers from two rich enemy families who live in Verona City, Montagues and Capulets, which is why their love was hard to live. It is obvious that if their two families did not like each other, they could not really consort. The cousins of the family whenever they met somewhere fought until someone was hurt or the police intervened, for example at the beginning of the movie when they fought at a gas station and lit up a fire. It was then predictable from the start of the movie that it was their parents’ strife which was responsible for their suicide as known that they were enemies. But it also caused a lot of deaths and injuries on the city because of their numerous strives.
When they realize the mess they have made up, Capulet and Montague finally accept their error and try to repair it all. Montague and Capulet, when they saw the dead bodies of their children and after the Chief of the Police informed them about how sad they have turned the city, recognize that it is by their fault and because of their selfishness that their two children died, and they consider it as the “sacrifice of their enmity”. They even agreed on building statues to remember their dear children and promised peace.
Romeo is also guilty of his own death. He assailed and killed a member of the adversary

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