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A product of the future

Subject (5 pers.):
4.Make a commercial advertising « A product of the future »
a. Langue: anglais
b. Imagine a product, a band, a logo
c. Your commercial is addressed to European consumers.

Main idea:
We think about a TV purchase program, where we will present our product: a bracelet which can teleport people.

The video will start with a 10secintroduction, in fact it's the TV program's introduction. This emission is called “Euro Shop” (a program destined to all the European citizen... We think about a future where the European Union will be kind of a state, like the USA) and will be animated by two persons (*** and ***).

The show will be divided in 4 parts:
_A short presentation of the product: It will be called the “wherever3000”. In fact it's a bracelet which can teleport us to any station made to receive who uses it... The stations won't be placed random, but in big and important work locations.
The goal is to facilitate people's travelling and to pollute less. In fact, the urban extension and migration will be complete, and every one will live in a mega city (the scene will take place in 2050, and actual mega citieswill be extended a lot).

_A reportage about the product: It will include a short interview of the scientific (Performed by ***) who created the “Wherever 3000” (it will be fun to say that he found the idea after watching a video made by students in 2010). Then we will show a reportage which explains the product's features and capacities and how it improved the European citizen's life (for example,we can show someone – performed by P** - who had difficulties to go to her work, and the “Wherever 3000” changed her life, then we will show how it works).

_Some interviews of people who bought it: It will encourage people to buy the product, because they will say greats things about it.

_The price and the final talk of the animators: It will cost approximately 1500€. Then the animatorswill end the show.

Lyrics of the dialogues:

1)The show presentation:
A**: Hi everyone, and welcome back among us on EuroShop!
M**: Get back now the second part of this program with the next product: Have you ever wanted to to go from a place to another in less than a second?
A: Your dream is now fulfilled!
M: Yes! A professor, Mr Hervé Dupont, from the “Euro Port” company, has made awonderful thing: he found how to teleport us, and the product is as little as a bracelet!
A: It's really useful and it doesn't make you look like a monster, oh no!
M: Let's see a reportage about this wonderful product, with a presentation by Mr Hervé Dupont!

2)The reportage (voice-over by Clément):
M**: Hello everybody! Today I will present you the fruit of my labour: the “Wherever 3000”. Infact, it's a process of instantaneous displacement. I thought about a way to move without pollute, and faster... Today, the earth is in critical situation, and it's time for us to do more efforts: I'm enjoy to show you my wonderful creation, the “wherever 3000”! You just have to fix it on your wrist, and to select your destination to be transported to it. In fact, I had this idea by seeing a videomade in 2010 by French students, thanks to them! Are you intrigued? Let's see how it works !
(here is the scene where we can see *** walking and using of the  “Wherever 3000”)
C**: Bernard is a man like us: he lives in Berlin, and every day he have to go to his work place. With the traffic congestion, it takes hours to go from somewhere to another place in our big cities... And our planet is toopolluted, today the town's air is unbreathable, despite the electric cars... But now Bernard is using the “Wherever 3000”, and his life is better than before. Look: he just have to choose a destination, and he is automatically teleported to the “EuroPort” station the nearest of his destination. “EuroPort” company has installed this stations in many places in the towns.
M** (come back to the...
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