Scottish culture and society

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Scottish culture and society:

Very famous all around the world, Golf is a sport where the precision and the mental Strength are crucial for the player. The objective is to propel a small and hard ball into a hole. Thanks to different clubs the players have to hit the ball into the holes, generally 9 or 18, with as few strokes as possible. Born in Scotland several centuries ago, the Golfis now one of the most famous Scottish games played by million people all around the world. Most of the people already watched a golf tournament on TV but what they really know about this sport which is played since feudal times? To understand the evolution of this sport, you will find in this essay a description that explains what the signification of this game is and where the golf comes from.It very important to describe the emergence of this game, that’s why a part is devoted to the popularity of this sport. Finally you will discover which nations and which famous players became famous through this famous sport.

Today, many people think that the word “Golf” is an acronym which means “gentleman only, ladies forbidden”. But the truth is completely different; several historians thinkthat the word is a distortion from a medieval Dutch word. Indeed it could be possible that the word comes from the Old Dutch word “Kolve” which means “club” in English. Other people suppose that the word is derived from an old Scottish word “goulf” which meant to strike or cut.
Even if Golf is practiced in Scotland for a long time, it’s very difficult to know precisely where the sport was born.But one thing is certain; the Golf as we know today was born in Scotland many years ago. Different historians agree that several civilisations already played a similar game. Indeed, an ancient Chinese book (Dongxuan) mentioned a Chinese game which included similar rules during the 11th century. Another comparable game was played by Dutch during the same century; they also played with a stick andtried to put the ball into a target which was hundred meters away. The most credible theory to explain the expansion of the game in Scotland is to believe that the game was imported thanks to the Dutch seamen who came in Scotland by ship. It’s finally in Scotland that the game we know today was born. Very famous in our days, this sport was firstly banned by James II of Scotland in 1457 because itinterfered too much with the practice of archery. Time after time the Golf was developed in Scotland during the 15th century in St Andrew where the first rules were established. At the beginning there were 22 holes but after a few time the rules changed to reduce the number of the holes to a standard of 18 holes. In 1754 the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, wrote a set of 13 rules whichare still present in the game today. All the while, evolutions of the rules haven’t really changed, only the notoriety changed.
It’s a fact Golf is a sport which attracts more and more people and thanks to Scotland, the golf’s reputation is growing up and we can count today more than 30 millions golfers in the world. Even if the golf is more famous in the English-speaking countries, the sport islarge-scale developing and new fans appear. That why, many Chinese people are enjoying now the Scottish sport. The game which experienced explosive growth is now very famous all around the world. . In Scotland, the most prestigious and oldest Open championship was worth about £72 million. Indeed, According to the specialist the Open in St Andrews attracted more than 220 000 spectators in 2005 and isreferenced as one of the most important tournament because of the historical atmosphere. The real fans came from far away and didn’t hesitate to spend a lot to of money to see how the tournament looks like. The popularity of this game has today no borderlines and since the invention of the Golf, several sport have also emerged, one of the most popular is the miniature golf who is played by...
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