Service à la personne

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First name last name
Zip code / city / country
E-mail address
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  | Mr or Mrs FirstName LastName
Title insociety
Zip code / city / countryParis, 5 February 2009 |

Object: search for the months of July and August Summer 2009DearCurrently student (e) in Bepa service aux personnes in Châteaudun , Iam looking for a job this summer from July 1 to August 20 to finance my studies while obtaining additional professional experience.I am fascinated by (show what your character, learning,motivation... may be of interest to the employer). This employment would help to enrich my my name of your training and presentation... XXX XXX learning experience your company would offer me the opportunity tobetter know the area Tourism and new technologies. Show in this paragraph apply to this position for reasons accurate.I remain at your disposal for further information which I hope will be able topresent voice my motivation.Waiting for a positive response from you, please accept, Madam, Sir, my sincere greetings expression.First name last name(Signature) |
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31 nids
45310 / tournoisis / France
0635268552 |   |
  | Monsieur Jake STEWART
Florida, USAA Nids le 20 février2010 |

Object : recherche d’un emploi d’été pour les mois de juillet et août 2009Madame, Monsieur,Actuellement étudiant(e) en commerce à Chateaudun, je suis à la recherche d’un emploi pour cet...
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